"Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing" Marc Chagall

Welcome to Colours from the Light


Jean Pederson, Founder

One of Canada's most prominent water colour artists, Jean's passion and talent is respected globally. For 10 years she produced Colours from the Light in support of her community's poor. She has generously allowed Franciscan & Friends to continue the tradition.

Denis Grady, Director

No stranger to the arts community in Calgary, Denis has worked tirelessly in blending arts projects with charity causes  for over 40 years. As Founder of Franciscan and Friends he has lead numerous delegations to poor communities in Central America and the Caribbean. In 2017 the Mission began work in the aboriginal community of Southern Alberta.

Franciscan & Friends

Since 2005 Franciscan and Friends Music Mission has been serving the poor in Central American & the Caribbean. In 2016 the group began work with the First Nations. Colours from the Light is a major fundraising project of the Mission.

Artists and Volunteers welcome! Call 403-397-1947.

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